Since childhood, Brandon Beene has been a creative visionary. Drawing from deep inside his imagination, he was always planning, designing and creating. From decorating his own boyhood bedroom in a variety of themes to creating theatrical productions with school friends, he immersed himself in designing sets and props and painting backdrops to present shows in any venue he could find. Additionally, he even decorated his Mom’s Christmas tree every year and lavishly adorned the family home for other holidays, using whatever his imagination could contrive into a decoration. 

Brandon has carried that same passion into adulthood. Training with and working for several outstanding California and Texas designers and retail outlets, he learned technique, spacing, scale, merchandising and staging, as well as gained an appreciation for various styles. Brandon shares, “A designer should be able to create more than just one look. Each project should be distinctive and have its own personality. Ultimately, that personality should reflect the client.” 

Now in his forties, Brandon continues to follow his dreams. Fueled by his imagination and creativity, he has stepped out to launch Brandon Beene Designs. Specializing in interior design, holiday decorating, silk floral design and special event planning, Brandon strives to create interiors that are timeless, beautiful, transitional and inspire a sense of well-being. He collaborates with the client to combine the perfect balance of luxury, comfort and functionality.

Brandon believes the key to design is relationship. He realizes that it’s all about the client’s list of needs, wants, likes and dreams. His approach is warm, comfortable and inviting, and he strives for his designs to convey that message. Whether it be just helping a client finish and accessorize a room, or begin the design of a home from the ground up, he knows that what sets a space, event or holiday décor project apart is the details. Details become the difference in furnishing a space and giving it the wow factor. Brandon expresses his heart for his clients, “The most important part of design is listening to the client. You don’t design for you, you design for the client. It’s their home, and it’s my job to make their dreams come to life.”

Brandon looks forward to discussing your dreams and ideas and is excited about helping them become a reality.